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Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Hitachi’s team of specialist share the same passion for water design. By “Adding Life to Your Water”, we utilise water to enrich people’s lives by creating interactive spaces that bring people together in an immersive awe-inspiring experience.

Formerly known as Aqua Works, we have been providing high quality design and engineering services for over four decades.

AquaWorks Logo

Aqua Works & Engineering Pte Ltd. was established in 1988, pioneering in engineering and design of water related installations for commercial facilities, public spaces and residential properties in Singapore. Aqua Works & Engineering Pte Ltd. was officially acquired by Hitachi-Aqua Tech Engineering Pte Ltd in 2015.

Our engineering expertise combined with our in-house creative professionals is what set us apart in the water feature industry. We offer a one-stop solution, providing an array of services from creative concepts, engineering, supply and build to maintenance.

Our commitment to customer’s trust is what aspires us for excellence. We continuously explore design innovations, making use of sensors, human interaction and kinetic. We are delivering benchmark projects that balances the digital scape and the tangible world.


Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Residential, commercial, country clubs and luxurious 5-star hotel-resort facilities.

Water Features

Wate Features & Fountains

Inspiring programmable fountains, interactive features, iconic projects.

Wellness Centres | Spa

Wate Features & Fountains

Hydrotherapy jet technology for mind and body wellness.

Water Playgrounds

Wate Features & Fountains

Joyous yet safe water play that bring fun to toddlers.


Wate Features & Fountains

Waterfalls, streams and bio-ponds that mimic nature.


Wate Features & Fountains

Other creative water systems that imporve society and lifestyles


Creative Design

Creative Design

We know best the captivating poetic nature of water, and our waterscapes are unique creative solutions delicately balanced between aesthetic appeal and engineering excellence.

Engineering Design


Engineering expertise acquired over four decades is the reason why Hitachi Aqua-Tech is able to design and build efficient and robust systems.

Construct / Install

Construct & Install

Hitachi Aqua-Tech follows strict procedures and supervision when it comes to the fabrication and execution of our services and products.

Decades in the pursuit of excellence has enabled Hitachi Aqua-Tech to display the highest degree of quality in every detail and at every stage of our projects cycle.


Operation & Maintenance

Each of our projects are designed and built for easy maintenance. We keep our projects running in tip-top conditions by providing comprehensive maintenance, repair and restoration services. Our maintenance team is not just experienced and technically sound, they are very dedicated and professional.


  • HSBC Oculus Rain Vortex
  • Divers' Fountain Dubai
  • Marina One
  • Marina Barrage
  • Sheraton Hotel Danang
  • The Interlace
  • Bugis Junction Mall
  • Ocean Front Condominium
  • Compass One Mall
  • Jurong West Sports Complex
  • Savannah Condominium